Quentin Letts

By William Turvill | 01 Jun 2014
Journalists who have worked under Richard Ingrams at Private Eye and The Oldie described him as “brilliant”, “extraordinarily brave”, “reckless” and “kind” after he announced his retirement.
Yvette Cooper MP (left) Mehdi Hasan (centre) Quentin Letts (right) appearing on BBC Question Time
By Darren Boyle | 04 Oct 2013
Daily Mail parliamentary sketch writer Quentin Letts last night said Ralph Miliband did not love his country because he wanted Britain to lose the Falklands War.
By Quentin Letts | 12 Nov 2012
Writing exclusively for Press Gazette - Quentin Letts urges British journalism to come out fighting, lest Lord Justice Leveson is allowed to land Fleet Street with a knock-out blow.
By paulmcnally | 06 Apr 2008

Possibly Britain's most prolific freelance journalist, Quentin Letts, has spoken of the importance of diversifying and