By Press Gazette | 31 Dec 2014

An advert for the campaign group Hacked Off has been banned for misleading consumers with "ambiguous" information about Lord Justice Leveson's involvement in the Royal Charter.

By William Turvill | 04 Dec 2014
Press Gazette has discovered a sharp increase in police investigations into media leaks during the Leveson Inquiry.
By Dominic Ponsford | 03 Nov 2014
The Regulatory Funding Company appoints the Editors’ Code Committee and also has some influence over appointments to the IPSO board and complaints committee.
By Dominic Ponsford | 05 Sep 2014
Guardian media blogger Roy Greenslade once described Express Newspapers boss Richard Desmond as a “rogue publisher” in a piece outlining his decision to the leave the PCC.
By Dominic Ponsford | 05 Sep 2014
The Guardian, Observer and Guardian.com join Evgeny Lebedev’s Indendent and Standard titles and the FT in refusing to sign up to IPSO.
By William Turvill | 04 Sep 2014
The Media Standards Trust looked at stories published in 18 daily and Sunday newspapers (with The Sun titles considered together) – excluding the i, FT Weekend, Evening Standard and Metro, titles which Press Gazette considers ‘national’ – over the 12 months after the publication of the Leveson Repor
By Dominic Ponsford | 29 Aug 2014
Rival press regulator today IMPRESS today announced the members of the appointments panel which will pick its board.
By Press Gazette | 29 May 2014
Independent journalist Joan Smith is to take over from Brian Cathcart as executive director of press reform pressure group Hacked Off.
By Dominic Ponsford | 28 May 2014
The 12-person board which will head up the Independent Press Standards Organisation has been revealed today and comprises five press industry representatives and six figures from outside the industry.
By Dominic Ponsford | 23 May 2014
Rival press regulator Impress claims to have raised nearly £100,000 in funding and this week began the search for an appointments panel to recruit its board.
By Dominic Ponsford | 20 May 2014
Sun editor David Dinsmore has claimed that the 2012 Leveson Inquiry has left a “layer of secrecy in British public life that a banana republic would be proud of”.
By Mick Hume | 01 May 2014
Some might see the recent conciliatory comments of Culture Secretary Sajid Javid as a sign of the pro-regulation forces pulling back and conceding, if not defeat, then at least stalemate. But who do you think you are kidding, Javid? The war for press freedom is far from over yet.
By Press Gazette | 01 May 2014

Press publishers have lost their bid to continue a legal battle over the rejection of their version of a Royal Charter to govern the regulation of the press.

By Dominic Ponsford | 29 Apr 2014
The FT has already bailed out of UK press self regulation.
Sir Alan Moses
By Dominic Ponsford | 29 Apr 2014
Court of Appeal judge Sir Alan Moses is to be the first chairman of the Independent Press Standards Organisation it was announced today.
Sajid Javid (Reuters)
By Dominic Ponsford | 28 Apr 2014
New Culture Secretary Sajid Javid has said that he sees no further role for the Government in the issue of press regulation.
Paul Ashford
By Dominic Ponsford | 24 Apr 2014
The directors have been named for a body which will hold the purse strings and help decide appointments to new press regulator the Independent Press Standards Organisation.
By Dominic Ponsford | 22 Apr 2014
The Financial Times “supports efforts to create a more robust system of independent regulation for the industry in the wake of the Leveson inquiry”.
By Press Gazette | 17 Apr 2014
The Financial Times will not be joining new press regulator IPSO - the Independent Press Standards Organisation - editor Lionel Barber announced today.
By Dominic Ponsford | 20 Mar 2014
Two of the rebel national publishers who have so far refused to sign up to the Independent Press Standards Organisation have hinted that the choice of chairman for the new regulator could change their thinking.