Information Commissioner

By William Turvill | 18 Nov 2015
The Information Commissioner’s Office has said the “the current checks and balances” in Freedom of Information legislation are “sufficient”. In a submission to the Independent Commission on Freedom of Information, the data watchdog also stated that introducing FoI flat rate fees would be “disprop
By Dominic Ponsford | 24 Sep 2015
The Information Commissioner’s Office has released the names of 115 journalists who paid a private detective for information.
By Dominic Ponsford | 28 Aug 2015
The names of journalists who paid for illegally-obtained private information look set to be publicly released after a legal judgment released today.
By William Turvill | 28 May 2015
Press Gazette has formally challenged police refusal to disclose information about the seizure of journalistic phone records.
By William Turvill | 06 Feb 2015
The Information Commissioner's Office has ruled that the BBC does not have to disclose how on-screen staff are recruited.
By Cleland Thom | 05 Jan 2015
The new Defamation Act makes it harder for individuals to sue media organisations. But editors shouldn’t be complacent.
By Cleland Thom | 17 Dec 2014
The Information Commissioner has urged the media to be 'open and honest' with the public when they are using drones.
By William Turvill | 17 Nov 2014
The BBC has been forced to admit that three high-profile members of editorial staff were appointed without their jobs being advertised.
Christopher Graham
By PA Mediapoint | 08 Jan 2013
A watchdog has backed claims that changes to data protection laws demanded in the wake of the phone-hacking scandal could have a "chilling effect" on investigative journalism.
By Martin Stabe | 03 Mar 2008

The PR chief of a London borough council has argued that public sector press officers must defend themselves against journalists'

By Martin Stabe | 03 Mar 2008

Ben Leapman of the Sunday Telegraph is celebrating the Information Tribunal case that saw him — along with fellow journalists Jon Ungoed-Thomas of the Sunday Times and freelance Heather Brooke — win a

By Martin Stabe | 15 Feb 2008

The FOI disclosures just keep on coming from BBC Northern Ireland.

By Press Gazette | 13 Feb 2008

The Information Commissioner has ordered the BBC to reveal details of its highest paid member of staff in Northern Ireland but allowed the Corporation to withhold the salaries of its on-air talent.

By Press Gazette | 25 Jan 2008

The BBC today successfully fended off a Court of Appeal bid to force it to make public the Balen Report, an internal review of its reporting in the Middle East.

By Martin Stabe | 25 Jan 2008

The BBC is facing a renewed legal attempt to force public disclosure of the Balen Report, an internal review of its Middle East reporting.

By paulmcnally | 23 Jan 2008

The Information Commissioner has ordered the House of Commons to release detailed breakdowns of MPs’ expenses.

By Martin Stabe | 11 Jan 2008

The Metropolitan Police has released a background briefing containing its "press lines" on the case of a woman who lay dead in her flat for two years after the Information Commissioner intervened following a complaint from the BBC, but insists it