By Matthew Gilley | 10 Apr 2015
The political leanings of the UK's national newspaper titles appear to be sharply at odds with those of the general public.
By Paul McNally | 07 Mar 2014
The Guardian's US editor-in-chief Janine Gibson is to return to London this summer as a deputy editor and editor-in-chief of - and will be replaced in New York by current Guardian Australia editor Katharine Viner.
Guardian release video of hard drive destruction
By Jimmy Nicholls | 31 Jan 2014
The Guardian has released a video of its editors destroying hard drives containing files related to Edward Snowden under the supervision of GCHQ on 20 July.
By Press Gazette | 26 Sep 2013
The Guardian has appointed Lee Glendinning as deputy editor of Guardian Australia.
By Gavriel Hollander | 18 Sep 2013
The Guardian’s director of editorial legal services Gill Phillips has said the outcome of Leveson Inquiry has been “disastrous”.
By Gavriel Hollander | 16 Sep 2013
Championship football club Nottingham Forest has banned journalists from The Guardian and The Observer from its home ground’s press box.
By Gavriel Hollander | 23 Jul 2013
The launch of a new free smartphone-friendly version of The Guardian's website may have led to a drop-off in paid-for subscribers to the paper's iPhone app.
By Gavriel Hollander | 20 Jun 2013
Victims of press intrusion have accused the Guardian of surrendering to newspaper editors and owners after the paper backed the appointment of Lord Grade as a mediator in negotiations over press regulation.
By Gavriel Hollander | 30 May 2013
The Guardian has opened its own 'pop-up' coffee shop in east London.
By Gavriel Hollander | 28 May 2013
The Press Complaints Commission has so far received 83 complaints about newspaper stories relating to coverage of the murder last week of a soldier in Woolwich.
Sandra Laville giving evidence to the Leveson Inquiry
By Gavriel Hollander | 23 May 2013
A leading national press crime reporter has attacked 'paranoid' new police guidelines recommending that officers declare personal relationships with journalists.
The Atlantic homepage
By Jon Bernstein | 23 Apr 2013
Why it takes a does of counterintuition to properly understand digital.
Guardian apps and website as seen on the tablet computers
By Jon Bernstein | 14 Apr 2013
"There's a big, big shift to the right." And we're not talking politically.
By Axegrinder | 10 Jan 2013
Following the NUJ’s assertion that advertising positions for unpaid interns should be made illegal, Axegrinder’s thoughts immediately turned to The Guardian.
Picture: Michael Bruntonspall on Flickr. Some rights reserved
By Camilla Turner | 18 Dec 2012
Guardian News and Media (GNM) announced today it will launch a weekly audio edition showcasing its news, culture and opinion pieces.
By Press Gazette | 20 Sep 2012
Mail Online reported more than 100m unique monthly browsers for the first time in August, according to the latest online traffic figures from ABC.
By Natalie Audley | 20 Feb 2012

The 'broadsheets' lead the tabloid press by 73 nominations to 48 in this year's Press Awards.

By Christian Jensen | 12 Dec 2011

Guardian journalist Nick Davies refused to yield to demands for an apology from former New of the World staff at a Sky News debate today.

By Dominic Ponsford | 24 Jun 2011

 A piece in the FT today sheds a little more light on the financials of Guardian News and Media as it seeks to stem losses running at over £33m a year.