By William Turvill | 03 Feb 2016
Freelance journalists are concerned about falling pay rates and insecurity - but enjoy the freedom their work offers, with 94 per cent saying they enjoy their jobs.
By Aletha Adu | 10 Dec 2015
Freelance sports photographer Martyn Harrison, who was official club photographer for Sheffield United, has died of cancer aged 60.
By Dominic Ponsford | 16 Nov 2015
A major UK picture agency has addressed the issue of late-payment for freelances by pledging to pay all its contributors within seven days for first-use exclusive content.
By Dominic Ponsford | 02 Jul 2014
The National Union of Journalists has condemned as 'pitiful' a website which is encouraging freelance writers to work for £5 per 150 words.
By Dominic Ponsford | 24 Sep 2013
A piece by freelance Sheron Boyle which was spiked by The Sun because of a dispute with a staff journalist over bylines has finally appeared, three months later.
By Dominic Ponsford | 17 Sep 2013
The arrest of a freelance journalist on Friday means the number of confirmed arrests of UK journalists since April 2011 has risen to 61. And there are indications that more arrests of journalists are to come.
By Amber Kazmierski and William Turvill | 02 Jul 2013
Sheron Boyle’s Press Gazette article condemning ‘byline banditry’ last week prompted widespread support, including from the new editor of The Sun.
By Sheron Boyle | 24 Jun 2013
I have been a freelance writer since 1996 and before that spent eight years on regional papers honing my skills. From my office in my Yorkshire home, I supply all the national papers with news stories, double page features, diary pieces, and the occasional tip-off that has led to a splash.
By William Turvill | 27 Mar 2013
A “snapshot” survey has found that The Independent pays freelances less than any other broadsheet national newspapers.
By Gavin Rodgers | 05 Feb 2013
A British war photographer has been told not to submit his pictures from the Syria war zone to The Sunday Times because they “do not wish to encourage freelancers to take exceptional risks”.
By Press Gazette | 08 Oct 2012

Simon Tait is a freelance journalist, former arts correspondent of The Times and co-editor of Arts Industry magazine. You can contact him at

By Press Gazette | 14 Apr 2010

Press Gazette reported last week on how more than 200 freelances were in a stand-off with Bauer Media, accusing it of 'declaring war'on contributors to its magazines over a new copyright agre

By Press Gazette | 06 Jan 2010

A possible entrant for lawyers' meal ticket of the year comes from freelance journalist Kevin Braddock, the Times

By Peter Kirwan | 06 Jun 2008

From The Churner Prize, here's an IM chat that took place between a tech freelancer and a commissioning editor who works for "a well-known publishing outfit responsible for some h

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Possibly Britain's most prolific freelance journalist, Quentin Letts, has spoken of the importance of diversifying and