By William Turvill | 14 May 2014
Simon Parr has asked for an internal review into the incident, which was condemned by the tweeter, Michael Abberton, as an attack on his freedom of speech.
By William Turvill and Press Association | 12 May 2014
Michael Abberton, a Green party member, was visited at his home by two Cambridgeshire Police officers on Saturday after a series of tweets in which he claimed to be verifying the truth behind claims made by Ukip.
By Press Gazette | 12 Mar 2014
More than 160,000 websites powered by the blogging platform Wordpress have been hijacked by hackers, it has emerged.
By Carolina Are | 14 Jan 2013
Newspaper blogs, market research and product review websites increasingly feature student and graduate content – for free. But are these platforms the new frontier of work experience or just another form of exploitation?
By Dominic Ponsford | 29 Nov 2010

While most national newspapers struggle to make more than 10 per cent of their money from online – business publisher Reed Business Information now makes some 70 per cent of its revenue from digital.

By Dominic Ponsford | 25 Nov 2010

I learned more about online publishing in an hour and a half at City University's Pimp My Blog panel discussion on Tuesday night than in a couple of years trial and error experimentation at the coalf

By Press Gazette | 04 Feb 2010

The Manchester Evening News has been using a range of multimedia tools to live blog council meetings from across the Greater Manchester area.

By Press Gazette | 06 Jan 2010

A possible entrant for lawyers' meal ticket of the year comes from freelance journalist Kevin Braddock, the Times

By Press Gazette | 05 Jan 2010

Reporters from recently closed US press trade magazine, Editor & Publisher, are looking to keep the title alive by filing articles to the new blogging site E&P In Exile.

By Press Gazette | 26 Oct 2009

Fans of Jon Gaunt will be jumping for joy this morning with the launch of his new daily blog on the Sun website.

By conrad | 18 Aug 2009

The Washington Post has announced that its hyper-local journalism site is to close after two years, claiming the project's lack of sustainability was the reason for its demise.

By conrad | 18 Aug 2009

A panel discussion on the future of online journalism, featuring journalists and executives from the BBC, ABC and Spanish publication Expansión is to take place early nex

By Peter Kirwan | 06 Jun 2008

Clay Shirky says everyone is coming.

But it's not quite everyone. And not all of the time, either.

By Patrick | 04 Jan 2008

Podcasting and blogging is to be put on the curriculum for A-level students taking an updated media studies course drafted by exam board OCR.