By William Turvill | 27 Mar 2015
Speaking at the London School Economics’ Polis Journalism Conference, Jamie Angus revealed that 23m people across the UK and beyond visited the BBC News site on 26 March.
By William Turvill | 27 Mar 2015
Last week, Prime Minister David Cameron told the corporation’s James Landale that he would not serve a third term in power, leading to numerous front page newspaper stories.
By Dominic Ponsford | 25 Mar 2015
The BBC yesterday became the latest news organisation to redesign its website for mobile.
By William Turvill | 13 Mar 2015
The corporation was accused of treating staff like "the enemy" after Press Gazette revealed in January that 148 staff email accounts were "accessed" or "monitored" in 2013 and 2014.
By PA Mediapoint | 11 Mar 2015
A former chairman of the BBC and ITV has accused channel bosses of breaching impartiality rules by threatening to stage election debates without David Cameron.
By William Turvill | 10 Mar 2015
Referees and linesmen come under intense scrutiny from the media over their decisions in football matches up and down the country each week. (Picture: Shutterstock)
By PA Mediapoint | 10 Mar 2015
Margaret Hodge, chair of the Public Accounts Committee, said that Rona Fairhead, who chaired the audit committee of the bank, had been "either incredibly naive or totally incompetent".
By PA Mediapoint | 09 Mar 2015
TV executive Alan Yentob (pictured, Reuters) has told the High Court that he felt "invaded and sickened" by the phone-hacking to which he was subjected by journalists from Mirror Group Newspapers.
By PA Media Lawyer | 09 Mar 2015
Emwazi was named last month and journalists uncovered details about his family life and education in west London.
By PA Mediapoint | 04 Mar 2015
BBC Trust boss Rona Fairhead has proposed setting up an external regulator with "strong powers" to oversee the corporation.
By PA Mediapoint | 02 Mar 2015
The 51-year-old journalist, who has led the corporation's Westminster coverage since 2005, needs an operation to remove a bronchial carcinoid tumour from his lung.
By William Turvill and Press Association | 26 Feb 2015
The BBC has been told it "must not expect to receive others’ news content without providing something in return".
By Press Gazette | 24 Feb 2015
An agreement between the BBC and police which led to a raid on Sir Cliff Richard's home being broadcast live around the world "certainly interfered with his privacy and may well have caused unnecessary distress", according to an independent report.
By Dominic Ponsford | 12 Feb 2015
The BBC has responded to criticism from The Sun over payments made to MPs by saying: “We know that deep down Sun journalists like the BBC”.
By Dominic Ponsford | 12 Feb 2015
The BBC has unveiled a new mobile-friendly design for its website home-page.
By William Turvill | 06 Feb 2015
The Information Commissioner's Office has ruled that the BBC does not have to disclose how on-screen staff are recruited.
By Emilio Casalicchio | 03 Feb 2015
News yesterday that three BBC journalists were questioned by police for flying a drone at Davos last month followed the arrest in Surrey of a freelance journalist who flew a drone near the scene of a fatal fire. Here Press Gazette takes a look at the use of journalism drones in the UK and finds h
By Emilio Casalicchio | 03 Feb 2015
Swiss Police questioned three BBC journalists for using a drone in a high-security no-fly zone at the World Economic Forum in Davos last month.
By PA Mediapoint | 30 Jan 2015
The plan was apparently hatched by a small group of backbenchers who were unhappy that the television crew were being allowed to film in the chamber.
By Emilio Casalicchio | 30 Jan 2015
Richard's home was searched last August by South Yorkshire Police investigating allegations of historic sex abuse, which the singer has dismissed as "completely false".