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By SubScribe | 10 Apr 2014
This looks like a nice place to stay for a few days if you need to be up in Scotland. An 18th century castle with a couple of golf courses, spa, gym, swimming pool, tennis courts.
By Press Gazette | 10 Apr 2014
The BBC was "far too complacent" in its handling of a major new digital production system which was scrapped at the cost of almost £100m of licence fee-payers' money, according to a powerful backbench committee.
By Press Gazette | 08 Apr 2014
BBC journalists in London have demonstrated outside Broadcasting House and held a minute's silence in support of the Al-Jazeera journalist Peter Greste who has been imprisoned in Egypt without trial for 100 days.
By Press Gazette | 03 Apr 2014
The BBC is set to appoint a permanent head for its College of Journalism, after senior BBC journalist Jonathan Baker announced he is leaving the broadcaster in the coming weeks.
By Press Gazette | 02 Apr 2014
Former chairman of the BBC, Lord Grade, has warned that the removal of a compulsory payment for its services would sound the "death knell" for public service broadcasting.
By Press Gazette | 02 Apr 2014
A report from MPs has accused the BBC of helping to keep the public confused about climate change. Members of the Science and Technology Committee also took the Government to task for failing to communicate climate science effectively enough.
By Press Gazette | 01 Apr 2014
The director-general of the BBC and the chairman of the BBC Trust are to be questioned by the Welsh Assembly for the first time.
By Dominic Ponsford | 01 Apr 2014
The BBC is facing an investigation by the Information Commissioner after a journalist ‘whisteblower’ leaked documents from a Panorama probe into Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman to the mayor himself.
By Press Gazette | 31 Mar 2014
The BBC has said it will "prove a better steward" of the World Service than the Government as it takes over responsibility for its funding.
By Dominic Ponsford | 31 Mar 2014
The Mail on Sunday has condemned the BBC for allowing drug-taking former Co-op bank boss Paul Flowers to "lie repeatedly" and accused the paper of being a "pseudo-facist" purveyor of "fiction" in a Newsnight interview.
By Press Gazette | 27 Mar 2014
The BBC has axed its long-running arts programme The Review Show just days after director-general Tony Hall pledged to put culture "at the very heart" of the corporation.
By Press Gazette | 26 Mar 2014
Plans for a review of the penalties for failure to pay the TV licence have passed a key hurdle in the House of Commons, paving the way for possible decriminalisation.
By Press Gazette | 25 Mar 2014
The BBC Trust has resolved a three-year-old complaint about an item on Radio 4's Today programme after a series of "delays and mishandling".
By PA Mediapoint | 24 Mar 2014
Decriminalising non-payment of the TV licence moved a step closer after Labour backed a review of penalties - saying no-one should be jailed for it.
By Dominic Ponsford | 24 Mar 2014
Newsnight's incoming economics correspondent Duncan Weldon revealed in a blog post on Saturday that he had flirted with far-right politics as a 16-year-old after being questioned about his past by the Mail on Sunday.
By Press Gazette | 19 Mar 2014
The BBC has signed senior ITN journalist Penny Marshall to the newly created role of education editor and has also announced that chief economics correspondent Hugh Pym is moving to become health editor.
By Dominic Ponsford | 18 Mar 2014
A former London School of Economics student who travelled with BBC journalist John Sweeney to North Korea last year has said that seven out of the ten students on the trip have no issue with the way they were treated by the BBC.
By Press Gazette | 17 Mar 2014
A BBC Panorama documentary about North Korea which was accused of putting university students at risk has been found in breach of a number of the broadcaster's editorial guidelines by the BBC Trust.
By Press Gazette | 17 Mar 2014
BBC Radio 4 presenter John Humphrys has defended his right to criticise the broadcaster, after causing a stir with comments about its management.
By PA Mediapoint | 16 Mar 2014
The SNP has called on the BBC to answer questions over its coverage of Scotland's EU membership after presenter Andrew Marr appeared to give a personal view on the matter.