Step back in time

Shrewsbury Chronicle editor John Butterworth, above, made history when he went back in time for the town’s 18th Century Weekend.

He gave a 45-minute lecture on the early story of the paper in the guise of its first editor, Thomas Wood, who founded the paper in 1772.

Butterworth, in Georgian clothes, gave the paper’s first ever press conference to more than 120 readers at St Julian’s Centre, Shrewsbury. They were given a facsimile copy of the first page one as a memento.

‘Thomas Wood’ explained about his editorial policy and the circulation problems with fewer than 40 per cent of the inhabitants being able to read.

He also spoke about editorial mistakes, which included the first Chronicle correction, about Mr Richard Salisbury, who had not actually died at the Wem Hunt, as the paper reported.

Butterworth said: “I have done many things in life as editor – but I have never worn tights before.”

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