Soap actors fail with 'Celebwatch' complaint to PCC

Eastenders: Nigel Harman and Michelle Ryan

Two Eastenders actors have had privacy complaints against Star magazine rejected by the Press Complaints Commission.

Michelle Ryan (who plays Zoe Slater) and Nigel Harman (who plays Dennis Rickman) complained over the magazine’s “Neigbourhood Celebwatch” feature.

The regular feature describes in general terms the area where a celebrity lives and includes photos of shops and other places where they are said to spend time.

Ryan said the information compromised her security.

The magazine did not accept that it had breached the Code but offered to apologise to Ryan for offence or distress caused and take more care in future.

The commission said it was not convinced the magazine had provided enough information for people to become a nuisance to Ryan. It said there was also no evidence of actual security problems.

Harman claimed that his security was also breached by the Celebwatch feature.

Star told the PCC that readers of the article would be unable to identify the specific area Harman lived and that the shops featured, such as Greggs, Sainsburys and Unwins, could be found throughout Britain.

The PCC turned down his complaint for the same reasons as the Ryan complaint.

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