Scrapping BBC Local could result in 200 jobs cut at BBC


The rejection of BBC Local by BBC Trust chairman Sir Michael Lyons could result in up to 200 job cuts.

BBC Local was intended to be a UK network of 65 local video-based websites but following much protest from commercial media outlets plans were scrapped last Friday and Lyons told BBC management to concentrate on ‘improving the quality of existing services.”

Media Guardian reports that the project would have employed 400 staff with a total budget of £68m up to 2013. Around 200 staff would have been recruited from outside the BBC and the remaining 200 were to be from the BBC Nations and Regions operation, whose jobs could now be at risk.

A spokesman said: “We have been implementing a significant savings plan across the nations and regions which involved post closures. These would have been mitigated by transferring as many of those jobs as possible to new local service. However, this will not happen and as the BBC Trust suggests we will make every possible effort to mitigate these job losses in other ways.”

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