Sales dip for i after price rise as every national loses print sales in April

The Independent’s cut-price sister title may have felt the impact of a 10p price rise last month as sales fell 5.6 per cent year on year to an average of 287,206 a day.
The Monday to Friday cover price for i increased to 30p at the end of February.
The Guardian, which increased its cover price to £1.60 in February, fared better with a year on year rate of decline of 2.2 per cent to 191,717.

The Times was the best-performing national newspaper in April, according to ABC, with sales down just 0.45 per cent year on year to 397,713. At £1.20 during the week, The Times is now the cheapest of the 'quality' national titles.

The Financial Times was the biggest faller, down 15.8 per cent to 224,250 worldwide. It has a daily sale in the UK of just over 43,000 copies.

The next worst performing national daily was The Independent, which dropped 16.2 per cent to an average circulation of 63,360.  Its total paid-for circulation was just under 47,000 copies a day.

The worst performing UK-wide Sunday newspaper was the Daily Star Sunday, which fell 11.7 per cent to 291,439.

No UK national newspaper managed to increase its print sale year on year in April.




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