Reports of 'resignations'are just spin

With reference to the recent spate of departing Northcliffe
Newspapers editors, it is clear that this saga involves several
viewpoints, with an objective account proving elusive.

on which faction one listens to, these editors are variously said to
have \”resigned\”, \”stood down\”, taken \”early retirement\” or been

True, it is possible, albeit stretching credulity, that
each of these editors suddenly and independently decided to resign
within the space of a fortnight, by sheer coincidence.

it is possible, if implausible, that one of these longserving editors
woke up one day and freely decided to (as is rumoured) clear his desk.

a cynic might be tempted to speculate that such claims of resignations
and standing down are actually euphemisms for being axed – be this to
spare the feelings of the cast-off editors, or to make Northcliffe seem
less brutal.

Francis Harvey, via email

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