Reporters join the US assault on insurgents

The only broadcast journalists to make it into Fallujah were those accompanying the US troops as they carried out their assault on the city.

American authorities revived the embedding system that proved so controversial in the early stages of the conflict in Iraq, as all but a handful of independent journalists left the city.

Paul Wood has been filing reports for the BBC since US troops began their offensive on Monday.

Lindsey Hilsum, Channel Four’s international editor, is with the First Marine Expeditionary Force, as is Sky News’s David Chater. ITV News has no journalists in Fallujah.

Rolling news network CNN has sent its correspondent Jane Arraf to the conflict zone.

All the journalists are operating under reporting restrictions imposed by coaltion forces.

A pooling system has been set up that this time includes US news networks, which last year did not have to share material.

Fox News, ABC, CBS and NBC are among the US broadcasters which currently have correspondents embedded with units of American troops who are spearheading attacks.

By Julie Tomlin

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