By William Turvill 24 April 9:52
The Sun has accused Labour of targeting its owner, News UK, “as a direct result of our opposition”.
By Dominic Ponsford 21 April 10:36
The Sun has declined to remove or edit a controversial column about migrants written by Katie Hopkins despite a complaint to police and more than 200,000 signing a protest petition.
By William Turvill 21 April 10:27
Rupert Murdoch (pictured, Reuters) reportedly told The Sun to get its “act together” and do more to stop Labour winning the election.
By PA Media Lawyer 20 April 11:16
The woman in the photograph was not mentioned in the article and IPSO ruled that the newspaper had breached clause 9, covering the reporting of crime, of the Editors' Code of Practice.
By Dominic Ponsford 16 April 16:38
The outcome of the general election could have dramatic consequences for the future of journalism in the UK.
By William Turvill 14 April 13:28
The Conservative Party has pledged to offer journalists “explicit protection” under the British Bill of Rights, which it wants to replace the Human Rights Act, in its 2015 election manifesto.
By Matthew Gilley 14 April 11:54
Most members of the public quizzed by Press Gazette in a vox pop today did not appear to agree with Labour's manifesto plan for tougher press regulation.
By Dominic Ponsford 14 April 9:31
Labour’s pledge to enforce the Leveson report recommendations could ultimately see the UK press threatened with regulation by Ofcom.
By William Turvill 14 April 8:40
Chancellor George Osborne (pictured, Reuters) has signalled that he favours the handover of BBC regulation from the BBC Trust to independent watchdog Ofcom.
By William Turvill 13 April 12:17
The Labour Party has today pledged “implementation of the recommendations of the Leveson Inquiry” in its 2015 election manifesto.
By Dominic Ponsford 10 April 10:11
The Daily Star ‘substantially’ misled readers withy a story headlined: "Too fat to wash! Grubby gran who weighed 20 stone didn’t have a bath for 20 years." This was the finding of the Independent Press Standards Organisation after a complaint brought by Linda Pearson.
By PA Media Lawyer 08 April 8:44
The decision came as the watchdog rejected a complaint from Brenna Aston that the Belfast Telegraph breached Clause 1 of the Editors' Code of Practice, covering accuracy, in an article headlined "Sisters making a boob by bullying us into equality" published in print and online on 19 December last year.
By William Turvill 02 April 10:07
The Daily Mail has condemned the Liberal Democrats’ election pledge of a “first amendment” guaranteeing a free press and accused The Guardian – which reported the news on its front page – of an “almost psychotic hatred of the commercially viable free press”.
By PA Mediapoint 31 March 10:24
Viewers heard the call, made by Lucy Lee shortly before she was shot dead by her mother's partner at a puppy breeding farm, when it was played on the 1pm and 6pm news bulletins.
By Dominic Ponsford 27 March 11:55
The Independent Press Standard’s Organisation’s investigation into The Sunday Mirror’s Brooks Newmark sting has been condemned for exposing the regulator’s weaknesses.
By William Turvill 26 March 10:21
The Independent Press Standards Organisation has ruled that the Guido Fawkes/Sunday Mirror investigation into Conservative MP Brooks Newmark was justified.
By PA Medialawyer and Press Gazette 25 March 10:38

An advertisement which gave Daily Star readers the chance to win a date with a page three model has been banned for being sexist, offensive and socially irresponsible.

By Dominic Ponsford 16 March 17:42
Police seeking to identify a journalist's source by accessing communications data will need the approval of a judge before going ahead under a new code of conduct, MPs have been told.
By PA Media Lawyer 16 March 8:50
A newspaper story claiming adult asylum seekers were lying about their age and being placed in schools with 11-year-olds were unsubstantiated and significantly misleading, the Independent Press Standards Organisation has held.
By William Turvill 13 March 9:35
The Independent Press Standards Organisation has upheld a complaint against the Daily Express for an article claiming that climate change had been "PROVED to be 'nothing but a lie'".