By William Turvill 23 January 9:35
Former England footballer Paul Gascoigne is suing Express Newspapers again after winning damages from publisher less than a year ago.
By PA Mediapoint 22 January 13:40
A judge in London was told that EastEnders star Jessie Wallace, singer and TV personality Peter Andre and actor and singer Darren Day have also settled actions against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN).
By William Turvill 20 January 14:51
A campaign to stop the UK Government spying on journalists and their sources has today been given “priority” by the European Court of Human Rights (pictured, Shutterstock). The Bureau of Investigative Journalism submitted a legal challenge to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act prompted by Edward Snowden's revelations over state mass electronic surveillance.
By William Turvill 20 January 9:45
A member of the London Assembly has called on mayor Boris Johnson to introduce a “public interest test” to prevent the Metropolitan Police from targeting whistleblowers in press leak investigations.
By William Turvill 19 January 16:50
The Guardian today reports that “investigative journalists” are considered alongside terrorists and hackers in a hierarchy in a GCHQ “information security assessment”.
By PA Mediapoint 19 January 8:56
Mr Justice Mitting, sitting in London, said last week that the claim brought against US-based Google Inc under the Data Protection Act was "not such that it has no real prospect of success" and should continue.
By PA Media Lawyer 15 January 10:19
Google has asked the High Court to throw out a legal action brought by former Formula One boss Max Mosley over the continuing availability on the search engine of images of him at a sex party.
By Dominic Ponsford 14 January 11:51
After the outrage caused by the revelation that UK police have spied on the phone records of law-abiding journalists late last year action was promised Home Secretary Theresa May.
By William Turvill 14 January 10:24
Freedom of Information Act figures obtained by Press Gazette show that 148 staff email accounts were "accessed" or "monitored" by the BBC in 2013 and 2014.
By Cleland Thom 05 January 10:03
The new Defamation Act makes it harder for individuals to sue media organisations. But editors shouldn’t be complacent.
By PA Media Lawyer 22 December 11:13
A judge decided that the media could identify a family involved in a tug-of-love row after concluding that full reporting might help prevent other estranged parents from attempting to abduct their own children.
By William Turvill 19 December 16:04
Released earlier this month by the Home Office, the draft has been widely criticised for saying that police should continue to be allowed to access journalists’ phone records without any outside approval.
By William Turvill 19 December 11:50
The publicity-shy husband of popstar Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (pictured, Reuters) has won damages from Heat, the second magazine he has sued in recent months.
By William Turvill 18 December 8:11
Last month, Graham Johnson, 46, pleaded guilty at Westminster Magistrates' Court to intercepting communications in the course of transmission without lawful authority.
By William Turvill 12 December 9:27
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has told Theresa May police must be forced to seek judicial approval before grabbing journalists’ phone records under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act.
By William Turvill 11 December 10:06
The Metropolitan Police unlawfully accessed journalistic material contained on News UK's "back-up tapes" containing 20m emails, the company has alleged.
By William Turvill 08 December 9:49
The publisher of The Sun, Times and Sunday Times is challenging the Met's assertion that they are "entitled to unfettered access to journalistic material".
By PA Medialawyer and Press Gazette 08 December 8:45
Sabby Mionis settled a previous libel claim against Demokratia with a confidential deal under which the newspaper promised not to publishing referring to him or his immediate family.
By William Turvill 04 December 11:26
Press Gazette has discovered a sharp increase in police investigations into media leaks during the Leveson Inquiry.
By PA Mediapoint 04 December 10:19
The model and businesswoman has brought an action against ex-husband Peter Andre, former manager Claire Powell and her company Can Associates Ltd, and old friend and confidante Jamelah Asmar.