Press Gazette 2012 quiz: ANSWERS

1 - How did football manager Harry Redknapp reveal he has stopped a News of the World reporter from producing (or reproducing) stories about his alleged tax evasion?

By threatening to "sue the bollocks" off him

2 - What rose on 26 February for the first time?

The Sun on Sunday

3 - On 1 March, who announced they’d be giving up evenings in Northcliffe House for Sundays?

Geordie Greig (below)

4 - How did Paul Lewis reveal, at a Press Gazette event, he had done his bit for the rainforest during the 2011 riots?

By not using a notepad

5 - What kind of sheet did the Ipswich Star use to celebrate the visit of the Duchess of Cambridge?


6 - Whose article was a significant building block in the Mail Online’s viewer figures in April?

Samantha Brick (below)

7 - Which training centre was in hot water in late April?

No Sweat

8 - Which magazine was being watched carefully in May over an article it published during the trial of two men for the murder trial of Stephen Lawrence?

The Spectator

9 – What catchy headline did The Sun use in late May to turn up the heat on Chancellor George Osborne?

Who Vat all the pies?

10 – Which Northcliffe Media executive got in a flutter over a spoof Twitter page in July? For a bonus point, what was the Twitter name?

Steve Auckland. Bonus: @UnSteveDorkland (below)

11 – Why was The Western Mail not laughing out loud in late August?

Because it published a picture caption saying: "Mid Wales airport manager Bob Jones, 60, who was killed in the crash LOL"

12 – Which two newspapers were left red in the faced after featuring a picture of the Dutch Olympic dressage team instead of a Team GB one?

The Daily Express and the Daily Mirror

13 - A fake story about which weather forecaster slipped through the net of several newspapers in August?

Michael Fish

14 - Which picture did all newspapers but The Sun gingerly avoid in August?

A picture of Prince Harry naked

15 - Twitter went into a frenzy in September when The Sun posted a fake article, dated 1992, with an oddly named reporter predicting the internet would not catch on. What was the byline?

Dot Comme

16 – What did a former FHM editor say The Sun should strip itself of in October?

Page Three girls

17 – Where did former Coventry Telegraph editor Darren Parkin fly to in October?

The Canary Islands

18 – Which star rammed a reporter’s car with his Audi in late October?

Freddie Starr

19 - This badger caption (below) reveraberated around the web - but which newspaper was it published in?

The Northern Echo

20 – Ironically, what organisation's event did Hugh Grant's camera drew get turned away from in November?

The Free Speech Network

21 - Which breed of vermin the the Express HR department attempt to dispose of in November?


22 – Brand republic created a brand new position in December – what was it?

Brand editor

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