Press Association signs deal to monitor its content online

The Press Association has signed a deal with an American search company to track and analyse the use of its content online.

The deal announced today between PA and the California-based Attributor Corporation, will allow the agency to ‘fingerprint and continuously monitor’its where and whenever its stories are used online.

PA hopes to tailor its content according to how its stories are used and believes that closer monitoring will lead to new commercial deals. It should also ensure that the agency can check up on organisations which use its content without paying.

Chris McCormack, head of digital development at PA, said: ‘Understanding how and where content is being reused is vital to the success of any company publishing online. Attributor’s system allows us to monitor where our content is going and in what context it is being used.

‘This helps us ensure our digital services are always evolving, and allows us to maximize the value of our content online,’

Attributor’s text monitoring service, launched in November last year, has already been taken up by news organisations such as Associated Press, Reuters and CondéNet.

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