PCC scores high satisfaction rating in final report card from complainants


What is likely to be its final “customer feedback survey”  the Press Complaints Commission has found that the majority of complainants appear to be happy with the service it provides.

All those who received a decision from the PCC after complaining about press coverage were invited to fill out a feedback form. In 2012, 30 per cent of those whiul filled out a form felt their complaint was handled “very well”, 24 per cent well, 24 per cent satisfactorily, 15 per cent poorly and 6 per cent terribly.

So 78 per cent of complainants would appear to be satisfied with the service provided by the much-criticised body.

This week (Thursday) press owners and editors will meet to finalise a “roadmap” towards creating a new regulator which is independent and effective enough to comply with the “Leveson principles” and thus head off the threat of Government intervention.

Whatever body does replace the PCC is likely to retain the complaint-handling function of the PCC while taking on new powers to investigate and fine in cases of extreme wrongdoing.

The PCC staff get a good report in the survey, with 86 per cent of complainants saying they were satisfied with the help given to them.

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