NUJ in talks with Israel to get Jasiewicz back in


The freelance journalist banned from entering the occupied territories in Israel is preparing to apply for a visa to return to the country.

Nation Union of Journalists leaders met with the Israeli ambassador in London last Wednesday (1 September) to ensure that pressure was put on the Israeli Government to allow Ewa Jasiewicz into the country.

Jasiewicz, who was on an assignment for left-wing magazine Red Pepper, was deported from Israel after being detained for more than two weeks because authorities concluded she could be influenced by terrorist groups there. Their ruling was based on evidence that Jasiewicz’s defence was not permitted to see.

NUJ national organiser for freelances, John Toner, added: “All they told us was that if Ewa wants to go there again she will have to apply for a visa. We do now have much better communication with them, they told us that in the future we should go straight to them with any problems.”

Jasiewicz will continue to write articles on Israeli people’s opposition to the security wall, using contacts she has built up on previous visits to the country.

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