Norman lays down the darts gauntlet

Axegrinder feels a duty to put Independent columnist Matthew Norman out of his misery over his repeated pleas to his Daily Mirror rival Paul Routledge.

Norman has used his weekly diary in the Indy to demand that the notoriously grumpy Mirror columnist meets him for a darts match. He has pursued the idea after Routers initially challenged Norman to a match because the Indy writer had accused him of failing to spell correctly some or other tedious terminology from the world of darts.

Routers clearly forgot he’d ever thrown down the gauntlet ‒ not unusual for the old chap, especially after lunch.

So, in a final request this week, Norman wrote: “This grudge match is going to happen, even if it means hiring mercenaries to snatch him and deliver him to the dartboard in my kitchen.”

In the hope that the darts will turn to a bout of fisticuffs between the Metropolitan Muser (Norman) and the Old Tankie (Routers), Axegrinder has some advice: Matthew, Routers is an old-fashioned chap. He doesn’t really know what email is and he doesn’t read your column.

So, if you really want a match ‒ pick up the phone and ask him.

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