Lib Dem MP gets apology over Cheeky Sunday Times story

The Sunday Times has apologised for printing false allegations over the love life of Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik.

The Lib Dems' business spokesman and MP for Montgomeryshire complained to the Press Complaints Commission after the paper alleged that his former fiancé, TV weather presenter Sian Lloyd, broke off their engagement when he began dating pop star Gabriela Irmia, a member of the Cheeky Girls.

The complaint was under clause one of the editors' code of conduct, accuracy.

The matter was when the paper printed an apology. It said: 'We wish to make it clear that this was inaccurate. Sian Lloyd terminated her relationship with Opik prior to his relationship with his new partner, Gabriela Irmia and this therefore had no bearing on the end of the engagement. We regret any distress caused."

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