No-one is just sitting around here, Nick

I am delighted one of my reporters wants to go all the way to London
to be on her hero Nick Davies’ one-day investigative reporting course.

I’m a little concerned he plans to tell her that it is a bad thing to write eight stories a day (Press Gazette, 4 March).

have six excellent reporters working on six very different editions of
the Carmarthen Journal. Nick, let me reassure you: no one is sitting
around just rewriting press releases – although that is part of the job.

particular reporter has, in the past 12 months, launched a health
campaign; covered a horribly tragic crash that claimed three young
lives; developed her patch; nurtured her contacts; exposed wrong-doing;
pricked consciences; covered shootings and shop-openings; talked to
Paul Daniels, police chiefs and people from all walks of life; reported
on births, marriages and deaths; sports and spending cuts; carnivals,
conferences; jobs coming, jobs going; elections, corrections,
defections; and much, much more.

And, by the by, she has also helped put 2.7 per cent on the sale of her edition.

Nick calls it a ‘factory’. I like to think of it as the next generation.

David Hardy Editor Carmarthen Journal

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