Newsquest Hampshire launches new weekly 'community newspaper' the Eastleigh Times

Newsquest Hampshire has launched a new weekly title serving the town and surrounding communities of Eastleigh.

The Eastleigh Times replaces the former Eastleigh News Extra and is distributed door to door but can also be bought in some outlets for 40p.

It is produced by existing journalists based at the Southampton offices of the Daily Echo.

In the first edition the newspaper broke news of a £50 million investment in the railway works in the heart of the town creating 200 new jobs.

Editor Gordon Sutter said: “I would like to welcome our readers and advertisers to the Eastleigh Times.

“I want the Eastleigh Times to be a true community newspaper, reflecting life and the issues that affect the diverse communities across the borough.

“So far our new publication appears to have been well received by the people of town.”


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