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Tony Hall is expected to begin work as the latest director general of the BBC on Tuesday. His appointment follows the high-profile resignation of his short-lived predecessor George Entwistle, who left after a mere 54 days in the job over the Newsnight/Lord McAlpine debacle.
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It’s a busy week, this.

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The week ahead: John Kerry, BP, Ofgem
By Foresight News 15 February 13:16
The week ahead: David Cameron's trip to India, Sun defence editor at Old Bailey
By Foresight News 08 February 15:16
The week ahead: Obama's State of the Union Address, G20 summit in Moscow, London Fashion Week
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A guide to the big stories of the week ahead provided by Foresight News.

Relatives and friends of Mark Duggan arrive at the New Testament Church of God in north London on 9 September 2011. Credit: Reuters
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The week ahead: Mark Duggan inquest, Spectator's Leveson debate, April Casburn sentencing, Six Nations gets underway
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The week ahead: Israel elections, Julian Assange addresses the Oxford Union, latest unemployment figures
Boris Johnson. Pic: Reuters
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On Monday London Mayor Boris Johnson will have the chance to justify his recent Draft Police and Crime Plan on Monday when he faces the London Assembly Budget and Performance Committee at City Hall, amid

Amy Winehouse. Picture: Reuters
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It’s a busy day in London’s courts on Monday as two major trials get underway.

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The week ahead: Azelle Rodney inquiry, Sally Roberts' High Court legal battle, Julian Assange set to address supporters
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The week ahead: BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year, Nobel Peace Prize, Brooks and Coulson back in court
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The fallout from the release of the Leveson report continues with a Parliamentary debate on the inquiry on Monday, with immediate reaction last

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Text message pals Ed Miliband and Vince Cable are both on the bill for Monday’s CBI Conference in London.

By Press Gazette 09 November 16:40
The week ahead: Corporate tax evasion, police commissioner elections, first libor damages trial
Andrew Mitchell. Pic: Reuters
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The week ahead: US presidential election, Omagh bombing retrial, more questions for Andrew Mitchell
By Press Gazette 26 October 16:21

Economist, financial journalist and author Professor Joh

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The final US Presidential debate kicks off in Florida on Monday, with challenger Mitt Romney hoping to knock a revitalised

By Press Gazette 12 October 16:38

On Monday, David Cameron meets with Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond, where the pair are expected to finalise agreement on the referendum for independence in Scotland.