News audience surge as BBC puts 100 staff on Middle East crisis

Audiences for the BBC’s Ten O’Clock news have risen by around 400,000 since the outbreak of hostilities in Lebanon and Israel.

According to the BBC, some 5.3 million viewers tuned in on 17 July and from 10-17 of July audiences have averaged 4.9 million, up 400,000 on the usual average.

The Have Your Say page of the BBC news website has received some 35,000 comments from members of the public since the outbreak of the conflict. And online coverage of the story has received nearly a million website hits a day.

The total number of people accessing the BBC news website is understood to have increased by several hundred thousand to over four million a day.

According to the BBC, it now has over 100 news staff working on the story – including technicians. The corporation has correspondents in Beirut, Tyre, Jerusalem, Haifa, Gaza, Damascus, Cyprus, Tehran and Washington.

Picture: Beirut airport (Reuters). 

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