New online magazine raises an Eyebrow

A new online political magazine has launched offering bite sized and digestible irreverent content.

Eyebrow, launched by editor Bex Thornton and her business partner Philip Taylor, has roughly 40 contributors taking an irreverent look at US, UK and worldwide current affairs.

Eyebrow magazine aims to provide political news for people in their 20s and 30s which is entertaining, accessible and witty.

Thornton said: ‘Currently there is nothing out there like this. We’re bridging that gap, currently there’s Private Eye but that’s more for people who have a lot of political knowledge. We want to provide a bite size roundup of world events that people can digest at work and be as informed as possible without reading The Economist. ‘

She added: ‘It’s for people who socialise a lot and want to be entertained.”

The content on the website will be updated daily. tAn ABCe audit will be run to monitor readership figures.

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