New business title lands Tesco scoop

European Business Magazine has caused a stir on the stock market after scooping an interview with Tesco CEO Terry Leahy in only its third issue.

The interview, by Evening Standard City editor Chris Blackhurst, appeared in the November issue and contained hints that Tesco could merge with French supermarket chain Carrefour in a bid to beat rival US firm Walmart.

Shares in Tesco rose 0.9 per cent on the day the magazine hit the shelves, and 30,000 shares in the company were traded.

Reuters name checked the magazine as the cause of the rise.

European Business Magazine editor John Lawless said: “Leahy is a very difficult guy to get hold of, he’s a very hidden guy.

“I chose Chris Blackhurst to carry out this interview thinking that if anyone could get access, it was him.

“The stockmarket reaction shows the strength the magazine is starting to have and we’re very pleased.”

The magazine was launched by Ink publishers in September, and aims to be “the leading monthly business magazine written by Europeans for Europeans”.

By Alyson Fixter

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