By Dominic Ponsford 09 February 16:53
Age UK and Energy company Eon are suspending a branded energy tariff aimed at the elderly following a Sun investigation. The tabloid revealed on its front page last week the Age UK deal sold to pensioners for dual fuel was £245 a year more expensive than the cheapest offers on the market. It said that Age UK was paid £3.6m a year by Eon.
By Dominic Ponsford 08 February 16:35
Tech company Hewlett Packard has hit back after being accused by FT columnist Lucy Kellaway of sending her an aggressive email.
By Dominic Ponsford 08 February 10:13
A Financial Times journalist was warned about affecting "relationships with advertisers" after she wrote a piece poking fun at Hewlett Packard Enterprise's chief executive.
By William Turvill 05 February 16:23
The company's second quarter results showed this figure was $7m (£4.8m) for its second quarter, up from $5m in the first, to September 2015.
By William Turvill 05 February 11:21
Cheston, 59, started at the Evening Standard in 1988 as a general reporter and moved to his current position in 1993.
By William Turvill 05 February 9:43
Press Association's chief sports reporter Martyn Ziegler is to join the newspaper in a similar role to cover sports politics, investigate and break stories.
By William Turvill 05 February 7:15
Morale at Express Newspapers is at its “lowest point” for 20 years, according to the group’s National Union of Journalists Father of Chapel.
By Dominic Ponsford 04 February 15:16
A Sun reporter whose phone records were illegally obtained by the Metropolitan Police has been granted no compensation by the Investigatory Powers Tribunal.
By William Turvill 04 February 8:20
Express Newspapers journalists are been told they could face bag searches and security cameras because of equipment going missing.
By PA Mediapoint and Press Gazette 02 February 16:35
Trinity Mirror may go to the Supreme Court to challenge costs of £242,000 charged by lawyers in a privacy case where the claimant was awarded £20,000.
By Dominic Ponsford 02 February 14:44
Financial Times Journalists are set to hold a 24-hour strike all day on Thursday in protest at changes to their pensions.
By William Turvill 02 February 12:55
The column, created by the team behind the Guido Fawkes website, has featured in the newspaper for three years. This was after a year of writing for the Daily Star Sunday.
By Peter Evans 01 February 11:06

Peter Evans was a journalist on The Times for 30 years with jobs including UK news editor, leader writer and head of the investigative news team. He said he is not affiliated to any particular political party

By William Turvill 29 January 9:15
O'Sullivan also told Press Gazette he hopes the "outpouring", from the likes of Piers Morgan and Boycie from Only Fools and Horses, will prompt Trinity Mirror to reinstate him.
By Dominic Ponsford 28 January 17:13

The Daily Mirror has said that "legal issues" were behind its reason to take down a website story about a union official suing Unite.

By William Turvill 28 January 15:15
Trinity Mirror's new cut-price national newspaper is set to be launched next month.
By William Turvill 28 January 8:30
Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT) announced the change today as it reported Mail newspaper circulation revenues were down 4 per cent year on year in its first quarter, the three months to 31 December.
By Dominic Ponsford 26 January 14:24
Last year (then) Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger described The Times paywall as a 19th century business model saying The Guardian’s “open” online system was "light years" better.
By PA Media Lawyer 26 January 10:18
Mike Hardy, managing director of Abacus Advice Ltd, complained that the story, headlined "'Petrifying' advice given on pensions", published in print and online on 12 April last year, breached clause one of the Editors' Code of Practice, covering accuracy.
By Dominic Ponsford 26 January 9:36
Former attorney general Dominic Grieve yesterday called for the ministerial veto to be strengthened whilst giving evidence to the Independent Commission on Freedom of Information.