Miller family hopeful Becket will take action on his murder

Sophy Miller, the wife of
James Miller, the British filmmaker shot in Gaza by the Israeli Defence
Forces in May 2003, has issued a statement on behalf of his
family following their meeting with the new Foreign Secretary,
Margaret Beckett MP.

“We were pleased to be able to meet the Foreign Secretary in her first
week in post. We are hopeful that this meeting signals a
commitment from our government to exact action from the Israeli
authorities, something we have waited for for over three years.

“She has undertaken to write to Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs and
Vice Prime Minister, Tzipi Livni, requiring Israel to undertake a
Commission of Enquiry into the killing of James.

"Ms Beckett will
put all the points raised in the letter issued by coroner Andrew Reid
following the verdict of murder at his inquest in April."

points are that the shots which killed Miller were fire with
"deliberate intent", that the officer believed to have killed him is
still serving and that the Israeli government should appoint an
independent commission of enquiry.

Michael Mansfield, QC, on behalf of the family, also called on the
British government to condemn Israeli human rights’ violations publicly.

He said: “The British Government should indicate to Israel that unless they
remedy these violations through a Commission of Enquiry or a criminal
prosecution, then the matter should be referred to the new UN Human
Rights Council. And if these violations continue, Israel
will find itself in front of the Security Council.

“The British and American governments are not slow in coming forward or
threatening economic sanctions when governments do not comply with
their legal obligations as defined by their governments.”

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