By Mick Hume 03 October 15:27
Who needs Hacked Off, Lord Justice Leveson and the Royal Charter when the tabloid-haters have got Sir Alan Moses and IPSO to help tame the popular press?
By Mick Hume 08 July 11:01
Andy Coulson’s jail sentence gave the tabloid-bashing lobby a welcome opportunity to pose on the high ground once more, after the humiliation of seeing only one defendant convicted at the end of their £100m hacking trial.
By Mick Hume 01 May 17:37
Some might see the recent conciliatory comments of Culture Secretary Sajid Javid as a sign of the pro-regulation forces pulling back and conceding, if not defeat, then at least stalemate. But who do you think you are kidding, Javid? The war for press freedom is far from over yet.
By Mick Hume 21 November 13:53
Is there a future for the press? It will be a struggle. But so long as people want to be informed, entertained, outraged and amused, I am sure that the press will survive in one form or another – and probably in several forms at once.
By Mick Hume 07 November 13:42
The judge told the jury in the trial of two former News of the World editors for alleged phone-hacking that “The defendants are on trial but British justice is also on trial”.
By Mick Hume 10 June 9:21
Blackburn coroner Michael Singleton declared that “sensational and salacious” press coverage of primary teacher Lucy Meadows’ gender change was a big factor in her suicide, demanded that the Government implement Lord Justice Leveson’s proposals to crack down on such “ill-informed bigotry” and told press representatives at the inquest, “Shame on you all!”.
By Mick Hume 15 April 11:16
As the endless shenanigans continue over setting up a new post-Leveson system of UK press regulation, more attention is being focused on the influential role of Hacked Off. The little tabloid-bashing lobby group fronted by Hugh Grant has been blamed for the shabby political stitch-up that has left us with the messy agreement to establish a regulator recognised by a royal charter and backed by ‘a dab of statute’.
By Mick Hume 25 February 12:38
The Tories’ draft proposals for what they call a ‘tough’ new press regulator to be underpinned by a Royal Charter are a right royal disgrace to democracy and an attempt to impose more state supervision under cover of the Queen’s robes. Yet by far the loudest criticism of the plan has been that it does not go far enough in shackling our supposedly free press.
Lord Justice Leveson. Picture: Reuters
By Mick Hume 15 January 10:38
Why the dangers of Leveson don't end at statutory underpinning
Hugh Grant turned away from Free Speech Network launch
By Mick Hume 30 October 10:48
It was a pity Hugh Grant decided not to take his reserved seat at the Free Speech Network launch meeting I spoke at in Westminster last Thursday, after his Channel 4 camera crew was turned away.
Pic: Reuters
By Press Gazette 22 October 11:55

Is it possible to have a simple definition of what is ethical journalism or what we mean by the public interest that can be made into general rules for the conduct of the press? The simple answer is: probably not, no.