Message to killers of Martin O'Hagan: don't mess with journalists


Three years after the death of Martin O’Hagan, the only journalist
murdered by paramilitaries throughout the Northern Ireland Troubles,
the NUJ has voted £1,000 towards the campaign to find his killers.

is believed to have been killed by Loyalist gunmen, possibly in
response to the articles he was then writing about Loyalist gangsters.

Ireland organiser Seamus Dooley urged NUJ members to send out a “clear
message that you don’t mess with journalists and you don’t mess with
the NUJ”.

He said: “It’s important that this union continues to
raise this issue. It’s true that many murder cases in Northern Ireland
have gone unsolved, but the murder of a journalist – particularly at a
time a time when we thought we could relax because of the peace process
– cannot go unpursued.”

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