Lessons on recession marketing from Ogilvy & Mather

It's often said that ad agencies are like cobblers' children when it comes to marketing their own wares.

Perhaps some are. But at the moment, efforts at encouraging marketers to keep on spending are ten-a-penny. Many are wing-and-a-prayer efforts. Some even come across as desperate.

That can't be said about Ogilvy & Mather's cracking series of brochures advising their clients on dealing with the downturn.

The execution is excellent. So is the underlying research, which comprehensively makes the argument for continued investment in marketing and advertising. (On this score, I'd suggest reading the first brochure in the series, Optimising the marketing budget in recession.)

If every media owner in the country could furnish its sales teams with collateral this confident, nuanced and incisive. . . well, it would be a start.


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