By William Turvill and Dominic Ponsford 17 July 12:17
Mail Online (10,912,083 unique users per day, up 35 per cent year on year) and The Guardian website (5,718,502, up 17 per cent) remain the biggest newspaper websites in the UK.
By Dominic Ponsford 23 June 13:02
Every national newspaper website which had figures available showed strong year on year growth in May.
By Dominic Ponsford 22 May 13:06
Metro was again the UK’s fastest growing newspaper website in April with average daily traffic up 155 per cent year on year to 1,036,570 daily browsers according to ABC.
By Dominic Ponsford 17 April 15:47
Mail Online remained by far the most popular UK newspaper website in March, with nearly double the daily global traffic of the next most popular site, The Guardian.
By Dominic Ponsford 21 March 10:46
The Sunday Times was the UK’s most popular newspaper tablet edition in February with an average of 88,080 ‘active views per week’.
By Dominic Ponsford 20 March 13:56
Metro was by far the fastest growing UK newspaper website in February, up 385 per cent year on year to 1.3m ‘unique browsers’ per day, according to ABC.
By Ayub Nouinou 07 March 7:13
While regional newspaper print circulations plunged last year, figures released by ABC reveal booming website traffic.
Kent Online
By Darren Boyle 26 February 13:34
The Kent Messenger Group has almost doubled its online audience over the past twelve months according to the latest ABCs.
By Dominic Ponsford 20 February 16:48
Mail Online attracted a record global average of 11.8m global website browsers a day in January, up 47.5 per cent year on year.
By Dominic Ponsford 23 January 13:40

Metro was the fastest growing UK national newspaper website in December with daily traffic up nearly three-fold year on year to 835,980 ‘unique browsers’ per day, according to ABC.

The Guardian
By Emma McGarthy 06 January 16:35
The Guardian News and Media has today announced two senior hires on the technical side of its digital operation.
By Darren Boyle 12 December 14:28
Mail Online has continued its record breaking growth levels reporting more than 168 million monthly unique browsers for November according to new ABC figures released today.
By Dominic Ponsford 14 November 13:53
Main Online hit a new traffic record in October with 154m unique browsers, according to ABC.
By Darren Boyle 24 October 14:53
The Sunday Times has on average 83,000 readers a week on its tablet edition according to new figures released today.
By Darren Boyle 24 October 13:03
The Metro and The Mirror both doubled their online readership over the past twelve months according to ABC figures released today.
By Darren Boyle 11 October 13:44
Daily Mail Plus is selling almost 15,000 paid for copies per day according to the latest ABCs released today.
England batsman Kevin Pietersen (Reuters)
By Darren Boyle 08 October 14:42
England cricketer Kevin Pietersen has been awarded substantial damages over an online advertisement that suggested he may have tampered with his bat.
Nigella Lawson (Reuters)
By Darren Boyle 04 October 12:06
TV chef Nigella Lawson has threatened a PR figure with legal action after he published supposed details of her marriage break-up on the internet.
By Dominic Ponsford 19 September 12:24
The Mirror website has been the biggest winner following the launch of The Sun's paywall, with web traffic up 19.6 per cent month on month to a record high of 34.4m unique browsers in August.
By Gavriel Hollander 29 August 9:00
The Sun remains the most read UK newspaper, according to data from the National Readership Survey.