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By Dominic Ponsford 06 March 13:35
The Sun's circulation appears to have been undamaged by the axing of its long-running policy of publishing topless model pictures on page three.
By Dominic Ponsford 26 February 17:29
The Daily Mail is the most read newspaper brand in the UK, with The Sun relegated to fifth place – according to figures released by the National Readership Survey.
By William Turvill 06 February 12:31
The News UK title's average circulation was 396,621 last month, up 3.21 per cent year on year.
By Ashley Kirk 12 January 16:07
While the Daily Mail is the most read newspaper in the UK, it does not appeal as much to young people or those on lower incomes, according to the National Readership Survey
By William Turvill 09 January 12:38
The News UK title's circulation averaged at 390,765 for the month, up 1.64 per cent year on year.
By Dominic Ponsford 05 December 12:41
The Times and Sunday Times were the top-performing national print newspapers last month.The Times was the only UK national newspaper to increase sales year on year. I
By Dominic Ponsford 07 November 17:17

Print sales of The Sun dipped below two million a day for the first time in its modern history last month.

Average sales of the paper dipped 8 per cent year on year to 1,978,324 making it still the UK's best-selling daily.

By William Turvill 21 October 10:35
In four of the last five months of ABC circulation figures, The Times has been the best performing title in terms of year-on-year performance.
By William Turvill 10 October 16:46
The News UK title (up 1.51 per cent year on year) was closely followed by its sister, The Sunday Times, which saw its circulation drop 1.39 per cent year on year.
By Dominic Ponsford 05 September 13:07

The Times was the only UK national newspaper to increase print circulation last month according to ABC.

By William Turvill 08 August 12:41
The title's circulation fell of 0.41 per cent year on year to 398,603, after recording an increase of 0.66 per cent in June.
By William Turvill 11 July 12:40
The Times was the only national newspaper to grow in circulation, to 393,530, year on year in June, according to ABC. The next best performing newspaper was The Guardian, with a year-on-year circulation dip of 0.9 per cent to 185,313.
By Dominic Ponsford 06 June 12:43
The Independent was the worst performing national newspaper sales wise in May dropping 17 per cent year on year on year to a daily average of 62,460 (including 16,030 free bulk copies).
By Dominic Ponsford 29 May 10:49
The Mail titles are the most read newspaper brand in the UK, according to the latest figures from the National Readership survey.
By William Turvill 28 May 8:45
The Guardian's cover price has nearly quadrupled in ten years over a period in which the newspaper has lost 50 per cent of its circulation.
By Dominic Ponsford 09 May 12:57
The Independent’s cut-price sister title may have felt the impact of a 10p price rise last month as sales fell 5.6 per cent year on year to an average of 287,206 a day.
By Press Gazette 11 April 12:24
The Sunday red-top tabloid newspaper market was the worst performer in March, according to the latest audited circulation data from ABC.
By Dominic Ponsford 07 March 13:56
The Guardian and i were the only two UK national titles which managed to increase print sales year on year in February.
By Ayub Nouinou 03 March 16:59
Over 80 members of staff employed by the BBC are still receiving at least £150,000 in annual salaries, according to the Sunday Times. These revelations have provoked accusations against the new director-general that he will fail to meet the promises to diminish excessive pay at the broadcasting corporation.
By Darren Boyle 14 February 13:21
The Guardian was the big winner in the first national newspaper ABCs of 2014 reporting a rare year-on-year rise in print circulation.