Media law

By PA Mediapoint 26 November 15:28
A former Broadmoor Hospital worker has been jailed for eight months for selling stories to The Sun about notorious patients including the Yorkshire Ripper. Robert Neave, 62, had worked at the top security psychiatric hospital in Berkshire since 1980 and was aware of his duty of confidentiality. But in September 2007, the healthcare nursing assistant contacted the tabloid and offered information about Peter Sutcliffe as well as Rachel Nickell's killer Robert Napper.
By William Turvill 26 November 10:49
Lord Justice Leveson has defended his inquiry into the press, telling an interviewer: "I just did what I was supposed to do."
By William Turvill 26 November 8:43
The Times has issued a correction after following up on The Sun’s poll finding that “one in five British Muslims has sympathy for Isis”.
By Dominic Ponsford 25 November 15:04
Mr Justice Warby today demolished the libel case brought by former MP Tim Yeo and sided pretty much 100 per cent behind The Sunday Times.
By William Turvill 25 November 13:17
The government's interception of communications regulator has confirmed that Police Scotland unlawfully accessed phone records to find journalistic sources without judicial approval.
By William Turvill 25 November 11:17
The story, which featured on the newspaper’s front page on Monday, was based on a Survation poll of 1,000 British Muslims.
By Dominic Ponsford and PA Mediapoint 25 November 11:10
The reports were prompted by an undercover investigation in which Heidi Blake and Jonathan Calvert, the newspaper's Insight Team, met Yeo for lunch at Nobu restaurant posing as representatives of a Far East solar energy company.
By PA Media Lawyer 24 November 15:53
Scott Chapman, 44, of Corby, Northamptonshire, was due for retrial at the Old Bailey but at the 11th hour admitted a charge of misconduct in a public office between 1 March 2010 20 and June 2011.
By William Turvill 23 November 14:37
Cleveland Police has been accused of using the phone records of a Northern Echo journalist to identify a member of the public as a source.
By PA Media Lawyer 20 November 13:10
Associated Newspapers has lost its challenge to an award of £10,000 privacy damages to three of singer Paul Weller's children.
By PA Mediapoint 20 November 13:00
Two former prison officers have been jailed for leaking information to tabloid newspapers about notorious inmates.
By William Turvill 20 November 7:18
A Press Gazette investigation has raised questions over claims the Freedom of Information Act places an unreasonable "burden" on local councils.
By Dominic Ponsford 19 November 16:45
Press Gazette has submitted this letter, as well as the 41,000 signatures gathered so far to our petition and 400 pages detailing the reasons peoplee have given for backing the campaign. We will be keeping the petition, which is addressed to minister Matthew Hancock, open until the issue has been resolved.
By Dominic Ponsford 18 November 14:45
Men’s magazine GQ is facing a substantial fine after committing contempt of court by publishing a seriously prejudicial article during the hacking trial. Fortunately for publisher Conde Nast and editor Dylan Jones, the article was not read by any jurors. If it had been, Lord Thomas – the Lord Chief Justice – ruled today that it could have led to the jury being discharged and the whole trial being abandoned to be held again.
By Adam Tudor and Isabella Piasecka 18 November 11:29
As the law stands, arrested persons have no absolute right to anonymity.
By William Turvill 18 November 8:51
The Information Commissioner’s Office has said the “the current checks and balances” in Freedom of Information legislation are “sufficient”. In a submission to the Independent Commission on Freedom of Information, the data watchdog also stated that introducing FoI flat rate fees would be “disproportionate”.
By William Turvill 16 November 16:34
Research found that in the year to 30 June there were 63 reported cases, down from 86 the year before. This represents the lowest number since 2008/09.
By William Turvill 16 November 13:01
Cleveland Police has been accused of accessing the phone records of three regional newspaper journalists.
By William Turvill 16 November 8:53
The British media has been "banned" from publishing widely-circulated images of the Prince of Wales sunbathing in Australia, according to the Daily Mail.
By PA Mediapoint and Press Gazette 13 November 15:28
A former prison officer from top security HMP Belmarsh in south-east London has been found guilty of leaking stories about celebrity inmates to the Daily Mirror over six years.