By William Turvill 24 July 10:42
Mark Dinning, who has been the 25-year-old magazine’s longest serving editor, is going to edit Time Out Dubai.
By William Turvill 15 July 9:04
The title announced yesterday that one year on from its “naming ceremony” and nine months since its launch.
By William Turvill 11 July 10:29
The IPC title was named consumer magazine of the year and consumer media brand of the year.
By William Turvill 07 July 10:12
Aaron Tinney, who took the editor position at the Simian Publishing title last month, was speaking after director Spencer Hickson told Press Gazette the magazine now has a “zero-nipple” policy.
By William Turvill 03 July 12:51
Loaded magazine has re-launched with “zero-nipple tolerance” as it attempts to shed the “desperate” image it has developed since the turn of the millennium.
By William Turvill 02 July 10:13
The Haymarket-owned title, which recorded a monthly circulation of 62,391 in the second half of 2013, said the change was motivated by a changing readership.
By Press Gazette 26 June 10:59
The New Statesman is to launch two new websites: (to explore 'the business of cities'), and (to provide coverage of the next UK general election).
By Dominic Ponsford 24 June 14:24
Staff at Dennis Publishing have been assured that the future of the publisher is secure and told that their mission following the death of owner Felix Dennis is to grow the company and plant trees.
By William Turvill 24 June 8:57
The former Spectator editor, who helped Ingrams found the magazine 22 years ago, started this week following Ingrams’ resignation on 30 May after he was summoned to a disciplinary hearing brought by publisher James Pembroke.
By Press Gazette 23 June 13:42
Publisher Felix Dennis has died aged 67 "after a long and painful battle with cancer".
By William Turvill and Dominic Ponsford 23 June 10:00
Cooper, a friend of Ingrams, says she will not be reading the magazine, or attending its parties, without Ingrams there.
By Press Gazette 23 June 8:33
He will appear in the Dennis the Menace and Gnasher strip in which the Wimbledon champion is coached in how to be a menace and how to control his emotions ahead of an upcoming tennis tournament.
By William Turvill 20 June 10:08
Deborah Asher, 60, who has been the magazine’s sub-editor for seven years, handed in her resignation last Thursday, on the same day new editor Alexander Chancellor was introduced to staff by publisher James Pembroke.
By William Turvill 18 June 10:10
Five years after losing its print edition, which had a free circulation of 15,000 and was a runner up in Private Eye's Paul Foot Award, the quarterly tabloid magazine is to return in September.
By William Turvill 17 June 5:42
Electronic Sound, run by veteran music journalists Mark Wernham and Christopher Dawes, hopes to use the money to make the magazine monthly and profitable.
By William Turvill 16 June 15:38
Publisher James Pembroke, who made the application, has said the investigation was “inevitable given the publicity that has been created over the issue”.
By William Turvill 13 June 16:19
The departures come after founding editor Richard Ingrams handed in his resignation on 30 May after being summoned to a disciplinary hearing brought by publisher James Pembroke.
By Dominic Ponsford 13 June 9:56
The Economist now claims to reach some 5.3 million readers a week.
By William Turvill 11 June 10:21
Ingrams, 76, told Press Gazette this morning that Chancellor, 74, had informed him he would be taking up the post.
By William Turvill 10 June 17:12
In an email to contributors this afternoon Ingrams said the "row" between he and publisher James Pembroke had been "simmering for some time".