Magazine ABCs: Pick Me Up passes half million mark as women's weekly market grows

Alyson Fixter
IPC’s true-life launch,
Pick Me Up, has crashed through the half million mark
with its first six month ABC circulation figure, but existing true
life titles may
have lost some readers to the new kid on the block.
Pick Me Up, which launched in January, recorded a figure of 503,950,
but figures for the market leaders, Bauer’s Take A Break (1,200,397)
and IPC’s Chat (609,163) were static, while Woman, Woman’s Weekly,
Woman’s Own and Bella all saw declines.
Overall, the women’s weekly market increased sales by nearly 11 per
cent, but this is partly due to the continued success of celebrity
weeklies like Now, Closer and Heat.
While IPC’s Now is still queen of the celeb titles, with sales of
591,795, Emap’s Closer saw a year-on-year sales hike of 12.5 per cent
and traditional celeb title Hello! shot up 8.7 per cent, with increases
for Emap’s Heat and NatMags’ Reveal as well.
Women’s weeklies ranked by circulation
Take a Break: 1,200,397 – down 0.70%
Chat: 609,163 – up 0.4%
Now: 591,795 – up 2.00%
That’s Life: 569,631 – down 0.8%
Heat: 560,438 – up 3.7%
Closer: 540,044 – up 12.5%
OK! Magazine: 532,843 – down 3.8%
Pick Me Up: 503,950 (new launch)
Woman: 485,463 – down 9.5%
Woman’s Own: 424,2920- down 4.9%
Best: 398,289 – down 0.8%
Hello!: 392,481 – down 8.7%
Bella: 389,100 – down 6.2%
New!: 373,039 – down 7.6%
Peoples Friend: 363,638 – down 1.6%
Reveal: 273,159 (new launch)
My Weekly: 225,914 – down 9.2%
Star: 182,393
The Lady: 34,582 – down 10.5%
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