'L'horreur' - How French dailies covered the Bastille Day terror attack in Nice

France lorry terror attack - Le Parisien

Pictures from yesterday’s terror attack in France, which claimed the lives of 84 people, cover the front pages of its daily newspapers today.

One word in particular: “horreur” (horror) was used in headlines as the nation’s press reported on its third major terrorist attack linked to Islamic extremism in two years.

National daily Le Figaro used the headline: “L’horreur, à nouveau” (horror, again) above a widely-used picture of French police and a lorry, its windscreen flecked with bullet holes, which was driven into crowds in Nice as people celebrated Bastille Day.

Frances’s biggest selling national daily, Le Monde, showed a picture of man looking at a victim laying on the ground, covered by a blanket, alongside the headline “La Terreur” (Terror).

On many front pages, the date of the attack: July 14, was included in the headline. It’s significant as the day the Bastille prison in Paris was stormed in 1789, a key point in the French Revolution.

In January 2015, 17 people were killed when terrorists attacked staff at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket in Paris. A further 130 people died in attacks on venues in the capital in November.

Front pages of French dailies today:

France lorry terror attack - Le Monde

France lorry terror attack - Le Figaro

France lorry terror attack - La Depeche France lorry terror attack - La Voix du Nord France lorry terror attack - Charente Libre

France lorry terror attack - La Provence

France lorry terror attack - Nice Matin

France lorry terror attack - Sud Ouest

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