Leave campaigner Dia Chakravarty appointed Brexit editor of the Telegraph

Former political director of the Taxpayers’ Alliance Dia Chakravarty has been appointed Brexit Editor of the Telegraph.

The paper said that Chakravarty will lead a Brexit team which comprises: commissioning Brexit editor Asa Bennett, Brexit correspondent James Rothwell, and Brussels correspondent James Crisp.

Chakravarty, a prominent Leave campaigner during the EU Referendum campaign, will provide leadership of the Brexit team and will also be central to Brexit-themed Telegraph video, podcasts and exclusive subscriber events – the Telegraph said.

Chakravarty said: “It’s an honour to be able to shape The Telegraph’s coverage of Brexit, arguably the most important political event in generations.

“The Telegraph is one of the finest news brands in the country, and as ongoing negotiations unfold my aim is to provide a clear narrative cutting through the noise. Together with the support of my colleagues, I very much look forward to taking on the challenge.”

Chakravarty has not previously worked full-time as a journalist. She began her career as a tax consultant before moving into communications and public affairs.



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