Journalism Weekly " The Sun stands by 'plebgate' claims

Highlights of this week's Journalism Weekly (click on the headlines to activate the digital magazine):

The Sun stands by ‘plebgate’ claims

Sewell: Standard in danger of being ‘Boris newssheet’

BBC Radio Bristol fails in bid to get critical clip removed from rival’s YouTube page

The Tab hits back: ‘I don’t think students should hero-worship Guardian’

Labour didn’t tackle media monopoly in 1997 to win the election, says Harman

Photographer sues police over claims of wrongful arrest

50 years on, Peter Preston puts Guardian problems into historical perspective

The internet means journalists are open to 1984 surveillance

‘An appalling attack on the media and democracy’

North Devon Gazette reporter Geoff Staddon stands down after 47 years

Axegrinder: Rusbridger's failed attempt to make some money; News Int's new chief exec (?); and Sue Douglas's denial

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