By Jon Bernstein 17 March 11:34
Last week Jay Lauf, the publisher of business news site Quartz, invited us to engage in a thought experiment. What would you do, he asked, if no one came to your site to read what you had written, watch what you’d filmed or listen to what you’d recorded?
By Jon Bernstein 30 January 10:11
Each January, the social media team at the New York Times takes a look back at the past 12 months on Twitter and shares some of the lessons learned.
By Jon Bernstein 05 November 11:26

Writing for the web is exactly the same as writing for print. It’s also completely different. The trick is knowing which rules from the older medium still apply and which don’t.

Here’s my starter for five:

By Jon Bernstein 21 October 15:12
“Eighty per cent of mobile time is spent on apps.” It is a statistic I’ve heard quoted more than once over the last week. It’s been used to make the case for news-based mobile and tablet apps; evidence of a reader predilection for apps over websites. In truth, it tells us no such thing.
Apple iPhone
By Jon Bernstein 26 July 7:15
Changing reader behaviour means publishers will have to reconsider design, working patterns and the business model.
Apple iPad and note pad
By Jon Bernstein 28 June 9:25
Even in a fanciful future where the BBC, Mail Online and the Guardian all charge there will still be digital news freely available
The Times front page, 19 June 2013
By Jon Bernstein 20 June 7:58
You have to give non-subscribers a taste of what they are missing.
Vine app as seen on a smartphone and on a laptop computer (credit:
By Jon Bernstein 11 June 8:37
Why journalists should experiment with the mobile video app
The Tumblr homepage, 20 May 2013
By Jon Bernstein 20 May 20:49
Four media outlets making the most out of the blogging site.
MailOnline US
By Jon Bernstein 15 May 12:52
'Mail Online is uniquely positioned to fill a gap in the U.S. news/ent landscape.' So says the slide.
Somebody holding iPhone 3GS reading the New York Times
By Jon Bernstein 10 May 7:40
Smartphones and the production, distribution and consumption of news.
A Spanish-language Apple iPhone
By Jon Bernstein 10 May 7:29
Part two of a two-part blog post.
An array of Apple iPhones
By Jon Bernstein 29 April 7:04
From online storage to video conferencing and audio recording.
The Atlantic homepage
By Jon Bernstein 23 April 7:23
Why it takes a does of counterintuition to properly understand digital.
Guardian apps and website as seen on the tablet computers
By Jon Bernstein 14 April 19:44
"There's a big, big shift to the right." And we're not talking politically.
The New York Times headquarters
By Jon Bernstein 08 April 12:21
"I think we were steeling ourselves for much different results."
BuzzFeed UK launch party invitation shows the Queen riding a Corgi with a Tardis in the background. Naturally.
By Jon Bernstein 24 March 22:50
"Business up front, party in the back."
Google Reader badge
By Jon Bernstein 14 March 17:48
An emergency worker walks past the engine of a crashed Turkish Airlines passenger plane at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport 25 February 2009
By Jon Bernstein 08 March 17:09
Social media meets newsgathering.
A woman uses her white Samsung mobile phone
By Jon Bernstein 27 February 11:26
“We moved from knowing exactly who was subscribing but no idea what they were reading, to knowing exactly what they were reading but no idea who they were.”