ITN stills archive offers 300dpi pics for only £25

Monroe: still from moving camera

ITN has captured some of the past century’s most momentous events in a pioneering archive of stills taken from camera footage, writes Sarah Lagan.

The new sourcing service, which has been branded ITN Archive/ Stills, will include a vast collection of about 12 million stills taken from moving camera images covering news and history since 1896.

Individual pictures will be sold at a fixed price of £25 per shot, irrespective of print run, geographical territories, length of licence or size of image – which will challenge many of its competitors.

The digital technology used generates high-resolution images of 300dpi from fully digitised footage from the British Pathé Archive and ITN’s news material.

Video grabs have been available for some time, but only at a resolution of 72dpi.

Speaking of the venture, ITN Archive managing director Alwyn Lindsey commented: “As far as I know, nobody else is doing this – it’s a classic case of the latest technology allowing you to do what’s never been done before.

“In the past, the photos taken were often very staged, such as Winston Churchill stood holding his lapels. We have pictures of him looking quite natural.

“You can also find exactly the frame or expression you want. I am sure that our competitors will will not be happy that we can supply such a range of images at such a low cost.”

The stills can be seen and purchased online at

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