ITN denies prostitute's claims of kidnapping by journalist


ITN is standing by a News at Ten investigation into the underage sex slave trade in Romania after a woman apparently rescued by its journalist, Chris Rodgers, claimed she was kidnapped by him, reports MediaGuardian.

In the investigation, Rodgers described how he thought a 14-year-old  from sex slave traders in Iasi, north-east Romania and then took her to a shelter.

 The Romanian police interviewed the girl, Monica Ghinga, after the story was picked up internationally. The police told local reporters the girl was actually 25 and had been kidnapped.

ITN said it had identification papers that proved she was a minor and has not been contacted by the Romanian police.

The police have since told the charity that looked after Ghinga after she was taken there by Rodgers that the girl has since disappeared.

ITN said they believed the broadcaster was caught in the crossfire between Romanian authorities battling to stop the sex slave trade and other officials who insist the issue is not a problem.

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