Is the future Face-less?

Can this really be the end for The Face? Unless a saviour steps forward very soon, it looks like the end of the line for the magazine known as the style bible of the Eighties.

Therein lies one of its main problems, of course.

Any magazine still associated with a decade that ended 14 years ago is facing an uphill struggle. The trouble with being über-cool is that you can very quickly become über-naff when the wind changes.

But if there is no Roman Abramovich figure lurking in the wings, The Face will be mourned not for its recent history as part of the Emap stable, but as the title that proved an alternative voice could be heard amid the growing clamour of mainstream publishing.

It’s harder than ever to make it – the ever-harsher economics of the distribution chain take care of that – but someone somewhere still dreams about producing a magazine that will become The Face for the next decade. And that is a legacy to be proud of.

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