By Dominic Ponsford 28 March 16:30
Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger warned today that is almost impossible for journalists to maintain the confidentiality of their sources because of the threat of surveillance.
By Ayub Nouinou 07 March 7:13
While regional newspaper print circulations plunged last year, figures released by ABC reveal booming website traffic.
By Emma McGarthy 16 January 15:35
Talking to people, staying calm and taking the time to build relationships were listed among the ways to succeed as a war corresondent in a new film produced by BAFTA.
Ali Machray editor of the Liverpool Echo (Credit: Liverpool Echo)
By Darren Boyle 14 January 9:00
One month after the closure of the weekly Liverpool Post Trinity Mirror this weekend launches the Sunday Echo as the UK's first new Sunday paper since the launch of The Sun on Sunday. The title is priced 50p and will be produced by the same team of journalists which work on the Echo Monday to Saturday.
PA chief reporter Ellen Branagh in Afghanistan (Credit: Ellen Branagh)
By Darren Boyle 07 January 9:26
Growing up watching Kate Adie reporting from the latest warzone was the inspiration for the Press Association’s chief reporter Ellen Branagh to want to become a journalist.
Patrick Kingsley pictured at the British Journalism Awards (JB Young)
By Natasha Clark 18 December 11:19
Guardian Egypt correspondent Patrick Kingsley may have been detained three times this year alone, but he still sees his job covering the crisis-stricken country as a “huge privilege”.
By Dominic Ponsford 16 December 17:24
Times journalist Philip Webster said this week that the core skills he learned on one of the first courses run by the National Council for the Training of Journalists have seen him through a 40-year career on the paper.
By Dominic Ponsford 10 December 15:54
Editor of the i newspaper Oliver Duff doesn’t subscribe to the “sunset of the industry” narrative as he puts it – whether that’s for the news industry, Fleet Street or even print journalism in general
Sun editor David Dinsmore
By Dominic Ponsford 05 November 14:01
Sun editor David Dinsmore said this morning that women had been the most vociferous supporters of Page Three when the paper ran focus groups on the issue earlier this year.
By William Turvill 10 September 10:46
Although a half-naked photograph of supermodel Kate Moss adorns the front cover of its September issue, Esquire’s editor insists his magazine should not be drawn into the current sexism debate around lads’ magazines.
By Gavriel Hollander 03 September 10:03
Among the many photos that adorn Sarah Sands’ office in the Evening Standard newsroom, there are two to which she points with particular pride.
By William Turvill 31 July 8:56
A diary columnist would have beaten Woodward and Bernstein to Watergate. So says James Hughes-Onslow, the Evening Standard’s Londoner’s Diary veteran and one of Fleet Street’s longest serving diarists.
By William Turvill 23 July 12:05
Harry Cole could have been a big name in student politics if his eye for a good story hadn’t got in the way.
By William Turvill 21 June 10:03
Fifty years after joining The Guardian, Peter Preston is better placed than anyone to put the paper’s recent dramas into perspective.
By William Turvill 12 June 10:03
In 2005, The Observer dubbed Geordie Greig “Britain’s best-connected man”. Then, as editor of society magazine Tatler, it was a useful tag to have.
By William Turvill 29 May 14:15
According to some, one of the first rules of journalism is to never become the story. Clearly no one ever told Channel 4 News chief correspondent Alex Thomson that.
By William Turvill 01 May 9:36
When self-proclaimed “porn baron” Paul Baxendale-Walker bought lads’ magazine Loaded last year it was reasonably assumed the title might be taken a step down market.
By William Turvill 30 April 9:15
Torin Douglas is bowing out as after 24 years as BBC media correspondent next month and he told Press Gazette that he leaves the corporation at a time when morale is low.
By Press Gazette 27 March 15:24
Four journalism students from Northampton University secured the first interview with the BBC's Eddie Mair since his controversial interview with London Mayor Boris Johnson on Sunday.
By William Turvill 22 March 8:23
David Hencke saw off competition from major news organisations to win Political Journalist of the Year at the British Journalism Awards for fledgling news website exaro. The judges described his revelations over widespread Whitehall tax avoidance as a “major scandal”. Like many great stories, it started with a whistleblower.