I want a badge

I note with interest the contributors who are split between being pro and anti ‘hug me I’m a hack’ badges.

Personally I’m pro. It’s a bit of fun.

it appears that student journalists are exempt from receiving these. My
two contributions to these august pages are thus far unrecognised by
the receipt of such a glorious icon.

This may be because we are mere students, designed to be exploited under the guise of work experience.

may be because we are not yet recognised as proper journalists, let
alone the more cynical, evolved form of a fully developed hack.

It may be because we have yet to develop alchohol coloured noses, beer bellies or other physical afflictions.

However, it may just be that I’ve submited work by email, not giving an address for which it could be sent.

Liam O’Leary Chairman, UCLan Journalism Society 2005/06 2nd year journalism student, University of Central Lancashire

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