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By Dominic Ponsford 19 March 10:13
The UK’s top national newspaper editors have shared their tips on what makes a good journalist for press marketing body Newsbrands.
By William Turvill 16 March 10:16
The Lady magazine had double cause for celebration last month: it turned 130 years old and bucked the circulation trend by attracting 3 per cent more sales (28,537) in the second half of 2014 than in the same period a year earlier.
By Guy Basnett and Paul McNamara 02 February 16:13
Imagine somewhere in the vaults of Government buildings, the offices of an NHS hospital, or the custody suite of a police station lies information that you’d like to see. Well, you can - this is the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act.
By David Nicholson 17 December 13:04
When contacted me in late 2013 they were looking for European financial writers who would contribute 500 plus words to the website a few times a month for a modest fee (way below typical per word rates) plus a "per view" bonus.
By Jon Bernstein 05 November 11:26

Writing for the web is exactly the same as writing for print. It’s also completely different. The trick is knowing which rules from the older medium still apply and which don’t.

Here’s my starter for five:

By Press Gazette 30 January 16:22
Here available again as a free digital magazine is Press Gazette's 2012 guide to journalism training.
By Press Gazette 27 January 2:30
For big corporations, the protection of trade marks is worth millions of pounds – and it is a daily battle with journalists at the sharp end.
By Emma McGarthy 16 January 15:35
Talking to people, staying calm and taking the time to build relationships were listed among the ways to succeed as a war corresondent in a new film produced by BAFTA.
Porthcawl harbour, South Wales, Ben Birchall
By Emma McGarthy 08 January 12:01
Press Association photographer Ben Birchall used his experience over six years of visiting Porthcawl harbour in South Wales to capture dramatic storm images which made front pages of The Independent, Daily Mail, Times and Daily Telegraph yesterday.
Peter Jukes
By Darren Boyle 15 November 12:11
A blogger who secured more than £6,000 in funding from donors on the internet to live-tweet the hacking trial is planning a book on the affair.
By Louise Ashwell 09 August 11:07
Want to work in journalism? So does everyone else. The Society of Editors has just launched a new section on its website to shed some light on what editors expect from applicants. Here are Press Gazette’s ten favourite pointers:
By Dominic Ponsford 20 May 10:56
Is shorthand still relevant in the digital age? You bet it is.
By Abbott Katz 17 April 10:43
My first instalment on conditional formatting broached the standard, by-the-book protocol for applying conditions to cells: selecting the cells you want to subject to the potential formats, and then specifying those conditions that when realized would put the formats in play.
By Roger Packer 10 April 15:18
WordPress is ten years old in May and the parallels with Facebook, which was set up in 2004, are compelling. It’s like a tale of two brothers where one took to the world of dog-eat-dog capitalism with a devouring relish while the other became a missionary spreading the good word of open source.
By Press Gazette 27 March 15:24
Four journalism students from Northampton University secured the first interview with the BBC's Eddie Mair since his controversial interview with London Mayor Boris Johnson on Sunday.
By William Turvill 22 March 8:23
David Hencke saw off competition from major news organisations to win Political Journalist of the Year at the British Journalism Awards for fledgling news website exaro. The judges described his revelations over widespread Whitehall tax avoidance as a “major scandal”. Like many great stories, it started with a whistleblower.
By Humphrey Evans 19 March 13:11

Here’s something. A journalist I ran into, an editor, in fact, told me about flying out of an airport in a developing country after a  fact-finding trip he had been on.

By Abbott Katz 01 March 15:17

Conditional formatting, Part 1: A couple of things you need to know

By Press Gazette 21 February 14:43
If you ask me... with Maureen Rice: 'Magazines will be with us forever because of content'
By Press Gazette 14 February 11:25
Freelance of the week...Rob McGibbon: 'Keeping the wolf from the door? Just bite its head off'