How to pitch to New Internationalist

Pitch to: It all depends on what you are writing, but for general enquiries contact

Type of article: The main sections open to freelancers are the Making Waves Interview (, Country Profile (, 2 page essay slot (, the Special Feature (, reviews for the Mixed Media section ( ) and shorter features tied to news for our Current section (

Topics: Each month we have a specific topic so we are limited in what we can take. The Special Feature is a four-page spread with a free brief, as long as it’s concerned with global justice issues. The format is flexible: it could be photographic; a closely grounded philosophical piece or a shorter series of three pieces.

How to pitch: Email us. Either a short synopsis or the finished article is fine. We will read through a complete article if it’s relevant.

What will impress: Something that will connect with the ethos of New Internationalist. It needs to be internationally aware.

What won’t impress: It can’t just be British. We have a global readership.

Rate: £220 for 1,000 words. Most of our availability is for longer pieces.

Images: Not essential, but yes they do help, especially if it’s a direct interview for our ‘Making Waves’ section.

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