How to Be a Journalist 2016/17: Free magazine plus directory of journalism training providers

If you are interested in a career in journalism look for a course by browsing our interactive directory of training providers.

General advice on a career in journalism is available from the How To Be A Journalist supplement, published by Press Gazette in association with the National Council for the Training of Journalists.

Aimed at school and college-leavers, it provides an introduction to the business and an overview of the training options provided by NCTJ-accredited courses.

The guide (read it in full below) includes an interview with former Harlow College NCTJ student Alan Rusbridger who (despite his reputation as a digital guru) sets great store by traditional journalism skills.

He describes shorthand as “incredibly valuable” and says of the role of a journalist: “You are there to be society’s eyes and ears. You’re there to verify what happened and what didn’t. You are the watchdog.”

The magazine also features words of advice from the managing editors of The Sun, Travel Weekly and Vice; interviews with successful reporters who got a leg up from the Journalism Diversity Fund; and useful information on journalism apprenticeships and News UK’s News Academy scheme.

How to be a Journalists 2016/17 has been  posted to 4,000 schools, colleges and universities providing 16+ education around the UK.

Additional print copies of this 32-page magazine are available from the National Council for the Training of Journalists by emailing:



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