Harper's to run Muhammad cartoon

By Jeffrey Blyth in New York

only a handful of college newspapers here reprinted the controversial
Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad — and in most cases hastily
withdrew the copies from sale when they provoked protests, no major
publication in the US has published the cartoons. Until now.

the literary magazine, is running the provocative images in its June
issue. The cartoons, which originally ran last year in Denmark's Jyllands-Posten newspaper, led to violent demonstrations all over the world in which at least 50 people died.

an article accompanying the cartoons and headlined "Drawing Blood:
Outrageous Cartoons and the Art of Outrage", the well known (and also
controversial) New Yorker cartoonist Art Spiegelman explains that the drawings must be seen to be understood.

At the same time he is not without some apprehension. He told the New York Post:
"As a secular Jewish cartoonist living in New York I start out with
four strikes again me – but I really don't want any irate Muslims
declaring war on me."

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